STRS - State Tax Refund Service

State Tax Refund Service (STRS) aggressively pursues sales tax overpayments for companies that are unaware of exemptions and exclusions specific to their particular business.

We are specialists in the recovery of sales/use tax and pride ourselves in the professional manner in which we represent our clients.

At the State Tax Refund Service our professionals are former state sales tax auditors. Our singular focus is the complex arena of recovering your sales tax overpayments. Sales Tax is all that we do.

If STRS does not recover your company's overpaid sales/use taxes, we are not compensated. It's that simple...NO RISK.

If STRS is successful, you pay us only a percentage of the recovery. Your tax refund is new income.

If no recovery is made, you pay nothing. We work for you on a contingency fee basis!

When we find overpayments and are successful in negotiating a refund, you pay us only a precentage of that refund. Nothing more. No research or start-up fee, no expense reimbursement charges.