State Tax Refund Service - About Us

STRS has one and only one focus-the correct application of sales tax.

To that end, we use our knowledge and relationships to identify and return overpaid sales tax on purchases made by our clients.

STRS is made up of former Pennsylvania Department of Revenue sales tax auditors

who have both unique and extensive background experience in the application and administration of sales tax laws and regulations. For the last eighteen years, we have filed petitions in over 35 states, resulting in the recapture of nearly 50 Million Dollars in overpaid sales tax for our banking clients.

Our unique perspective on sales tax laws and regulations

has enabled us to aggressively expand many of the over fifty exemptions and exclusions available to business. STRS consistently out-performs our competitors in the banking, medical, manufacturing, and non-profit sectors.

There are those in the business, and there are experts in the business.
STRS falls into the latter category. Sales Tax is the only thing we do.