Because sales tax is basically an expected and immaterial consideration when making a purchase. The aggregate effects on a company's bottom line, while often significant, are almost always overlooked. In corporate accounting, companies often do not track sales tax expense.

Confusion on sales tax issues.

Is compounded because sales tax is not uniformly applied to every purchase or applied the same for every business. It takes a sales tax expert to determine which purchases are taxable within the scope of your business. Knowledge is developed through specific work experience. Not even the Wharton School of Business offers a comprehensive course in the correct application of this tax

Our client-focused team includes former PA Department of Revenue Sales tax auditors

who have developed their skills with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Audits. Few firms can offer their clients the depth and breadth of experience, knowledge, and relationships that State Tax Refund Service provides.

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State Government collects millions of dollars in sales tax overpayments. Your overpayments may add up to thousands, tens-of thousands, even hundreds-of-thousands of wasted dollars. You can get your overpaid tax dollars back!